Updated on: June 3, 2019
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Crown Designs & Busy Little Beavers Christian Preschool

For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.      Prov. 2:6

I am so glad you have decided to consider "Busy Little Beavers" for your child's preschool. I am looking forward to an exciting year with the children. I have twenty one years experience in childcare and thirteen of those years in teaching preschool and kindergarten. I believe the best way to invest in your child's future is to provide them with a great jump start for their education. Here at "Busy Little Beavers" I will see that they receive everything they need for the years to come. We will learn our alphabet, how to count, our vowels, and even how to read and write. Most importantly we will be learning these things in a wonderful Christian filled environment, full of beautiful fun songs, memory verses, and Bible stories. Please continue looking through our information and prayerfully consider letting us here at "Busy Little Beavers" take part in your child's future.                                                   - Michelle Bland
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