Updated on: May 20, 2012
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Crown Designs & Busy Little Beavers Christian Preschool

Our Graduates of 2008!
Back: Emma Turnbull - Greg Griffin - Kylee Blocker - Brayden Gravley - Cadyn Monroe
Front: Rebekah Whiten - Kirsten Blake - Cayden Folsom - Noah MacNeil
Roundup Cake: by Barbie BrazellRound up crew during the program, singing!Brayden Gravley. Brayden also is the "The Busy Beaver" of the year for most outstanding achievments and she recieved the "Best all Around" award.Kirsten Blake. Kirsten also received the "Best All Around" award and the "Best Reader" award.Greg Griffen. Greg also received the "Smiley Face" award. Kylee Blocker. Kylee also received the "Determination" award.Rebekah Whitten. Rebekah also received the "Christian Character" award.Cayden Folsom. Cayden also received the "Best Listener" award.Emma Turnbull. Emma Also received the "Most Out Going" award.Noah MacNeil. Noah also received the "Most Improved award.Cadyn Monroe. Cadyn also received the "Humble Helper" award.Mrs. Robin Barnard and Mrs. Michelle Bland, our teachers!